U16 Boys International Tournament

As part of our 50th Celebrations we’re hosting an U16 International Tournament on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th October.

We’re welcoming old and new friends and really looking forward to what should be a great weekend of basketball.

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We’re delighted that our friends from BCA Ardres in France come to Ireland for the first time. We’ve been traveling to Ardres for 15 years to participate in their FIBA U13 Tournoi International Henri Seux. Ardres was the first international underage tournament that the club went to so it’s great that they have their U16 Boys team in Moycullen this weekend.

New friends Circol Catolic & AE Sant Andreu de Natzaret who we met for the first time last year when our U18 team visited them in Badalona, Spain are in Moycullen for the weekend.

We also welcome the Irish U16 squad who are currently in the 2nd year of their preparations for the U16 European Championships in 2017.

Provisional Format & Schedule (may be subject to change) as follows:

Group 1 Group 2
Circol Catolic                          circol AE Sant Andreu de Natzaret standreu
BCA Ardres bcaardres Moycullen  moycullen
Ireland U16 1bi Ireland U16 2bi

Saturday October 29th – Jes School, Galway

Game Time Home Away Group
1 9:15am Circol Catolic BCA Ardres 1
2 10:30am Moycullen AE Sant Andreu de Natzaret 2
3 11:45am Ireland 1 BCA Ardres 1
4 1pm Ireland 2 AE Sant Andreu de Natzaret 2
5 2:15pm Ireland 1 Circol Catolic 1
6 3:30pm Ireland 2 Moycullen 2

Sunday October 30th – Jes School, Galway

Game Time Home Away Group
7 9:15am 2nd Pool 1 3rd Pool 2
8 10:30am 2nd Pool 2 3rd Pool 1
9 11:45am Winner Pool 2 Winner Gm 7 Semi 1
10 1pm Winner Pool 1 Winner Gm 8 Semi 2
11 2:15pm Loser Gm 7 Loser Gm 8 5/6 Place
12 3:30pm Loser Gm 9 Loser Gm 10 3/4 Place
13 4:45pm Winner Gm 9 Winner Gm 10 Final

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