Coaches’ Corner

Here are some useful resources for our club coaches and managers.

Accident Report Form


Before Training – Covid Three Point Checkllist

  1. All Coaches and Managers should have Clubforce App installed on which they will be able to see their teams. (Click here for guidance on this point)
  2. The day before a training session, you should send out a Training Invite with the COVID-19 questionnaire on the App (which can be scheduled). (Click here for guidance on this point)
  3. You should ensure that the Health Questionnaire has been completed and then mark the attendance of players at training session for contact tracing purposes. (Click here for guidance on this point).

For Parents\Players

Parents / Players need to respond to the Invite to Training. If they are unsure on how, the guide available here should be of assistance.


Remember that Clubforce has functionality to send messages to teams. This can be used if sending out reminders, notice of a change or cancellation of training sessions. The guide here describes some of these features.

Galway Area Basketball Board Documents

Garda Vetting

All coaches need to be Garda Vetted through Basketball Ireland.

The Basketball Garda Vetting process can be accessed via this link (click here).

Once you have your Garda Vetting Certificate, please send it to our Child Welfare Officer Amy Duggan (

Child Protection / Safeguarding

Coaches must complete the Children First E-Learning Programme (this programme can be accessed via this link by clicking here). The course takes1.5 hours and there is no cost.

Once you have the course completed, please send your certificate to our Child Welfare Officer Amy Duggan (

Coaching Qualifications

The club is here to help get all of our coaches qualified with a Basketball Ireland Coaching Course and to then help them along the journey if they wish to get further qualifications.

If you want more information about obtaining a Basketball Coaching Qualification, please contact the Club Development Officer Paul O’Brien (

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