Registration for the 2021/2022 season is now closed.

However, if you or your child wish to join a group there may be some small availability depending on group sizes.

To check, please contact the relevant team coach / manager. Contact details are available for most team pages.

For general queries on joining a team, contact

Link to Men’s Galway League

Link to Women’s Galway League

Link to Boys Underage Teams

Link to Girls Underage Teams

What Age Group Should my Child Join?

Year of Birth
of Player
Age Group
for 2021/2022 Season
2014/2015U7/8 Boys & Girls

U9 Boys or Girls
2012U10 Boys or Girls
2011U11 Boys or Girls
2010U12 Boys or Girls
2009U13 Boys or Girls
2008U14 Boys or Girls
2007U15 Boys or Girls
2006U16 Boys or Girls
2005U17 Boys or Girls
2004U18 Boys or Girls
2003 or 2002U20 Men or Women
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