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Team Managers are part of the backbone of any great club, getting the nitty gritty work done that allow us all to enjoy this amazing game of basketball.

Moycullen BC has always been incredibly lucky to have wonderful team managers involved and our current crop have gone above and beyond in recent times with the extra Covid considerations required.

It is however a role that can bring great fun, sense of community and a chance to get involved with one of the best basketball clubs in Ireland.

We met up with two current managers, Sarah Cleary (U12 Boys) and Cara Morrison (U13 Boys) to showcase what the job is like.

Sarah Cleary – Manager of the MBC U12 Boys Team
Cara Morrisson – Manager of the MBC U13 Boys Team

Question: How long have you been a manager with Moycullen Basketball Club?

Sarah: This is my third year as manager.

Cara: This is my 3rd year being a manager with Moycullen Basketball. I initially started with my son at U11 and have moved with the boys through u11, u12 and now u13. Initially I thought I would just help out for the year but they are a great bunch of boys so how could I leave them!!!

Question: Do you have any background in sports (not counting basketball) as a player / coach?

Sarah: Not at all! My kids play a variety of sports so I spend time watching them play football, soccer, swimming as well as basketball.

Cara: Hmmmmm – My sporting background is very limited although I’ve got to admit I am a great spectator and of course supporter!! 

Question: What about basketball, any experience before becoming a team manager?

Sarah: Not besides playing in primary school, a long time ago. We watch a lot of basketball in our house and have a ring, no experience required!

Cara: I played basketball in school (many many moons ago!!) but other than that I am a novice!

Question: Why did you decide to get involved?

Sarah: My kids love basketball, there are lots of super volunteers giving their time to coach kids, the manager is a nice way to help out for those of us who wouldn’t have basketball experience.

Cara: I decided to get involved to give something back. The time and dedication that Moycullen Basketball gives to our children is unreal. What makes our club is the volunteers – without them – there would be no club!

Question: What have you enjoyed about being a Manager with a team in Moycullen Basketball so far?

Sarah: It’s a great way to get to know other parents and the kids my son is training with, the team are a great gang and the volunteers and atmosphere in the club are lovely.

Cara: I guess I have enjoyed getting to know the boys and watch them progress and develop on the court from the day they started with the club. We have a large group at U13 boys so it can be fairly busy at training but they are a mighty bunch!

Question: What has been a challenge?

Sarah: Covid! Hopefully restrictions to indoor training are behind us.

Cara: While not so much a challenge but COVID and all that comes with it has been tricky and obviously creates a lot of extra paperwork. However, hopefully it will be short lived and at least we are back on the court again so can’t complain.

Question: Any advice for someone thinking about helping out and taking on a manager’s role with the club?

Sarah: It’s a lovely way to get involved and no experience required. There’s a parents rota for training sessions so the manager is not obliged to attend every session.

Cara: Do it!!! It is very rewarding and also believe it or not – good fun!

Question: What is your favourite thing about basketball?

Sarah: The kids have so much fun training and all that’s needed is a ball to practice almost anywhere. Also not weather dependent!

Cara: Comradery – Speed – FUN!

We are always looking for new managers to join the team, whether they can help as the main team manager or only now and again with an existing team manager.

Email if you would like more information.

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