Last Man Standing Week 6 Update

Week 6 in our new English Premier League Last Man Competition was the weekend 1st-22nd December with fixtures on Saturday & Sunday. Out of the remaining 20 entries starting week 6m, we’re down to only 10 still standing with 10 knocked out this week.

Once again it was Man Utd & Wolves that proved to be culprits, with Man Utd accounting for 6 and Wolves the other 4.

All of Week 6 picks are located here.

Fixtures for Week 7 are below:
Bournemouth v Huddersfield
Brigthon v Palace
West Ham v Cardiff
Watford v Man City
Burnley v Liverpool
Fulham v Leicester
Wolves v Chelsea
Everton v Newcastle
Man Utd v Arsenal
Spurs v Southampton

Many thanks to all those who entered the competition which supports the club and the SuperLeague team. We know that there are a lot of organisations looking for your tenners and we really appreciate all your support.
Good luck to everyone still left in the competition.

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