Underage Training Times 18/19

Training times for underage teams for 2018-2019 Season are as follows.

Any updates will be published here.

Age Day From To Location
U8\U9 Sunday 11:30pm 12:30pm Killannin
U10 Sunday 3:30pm 4:30pm Killannin
U11 Thursday 5:30pm 6:30pm Killannin
U12 Sunday 10am 11:30am Killannin
U13 Sunday 4:30pm 6pm Killannin
U14 Friday 5:30pm 7pm The Jes
U15 Monday 7pm 8:30pm St. Mary’s
U16 Wednesday 7:30pm 9pm Killannin
U18 Monday 6:30pm 8pm Salerno
U8\U9 Sunday 12:30pm 1:30pm Killannin
U10 Monday 5:30pm 7pm St. Mary’s
U11 Friday 5:30pm 7pm OLBC
U12 Monday 6pm 7:30pm The Jes
U13 Sunday 6pm 7:30pm Killannin
U14 Wednesday 6pm 7:30pm The Jes
U15 Friday 5:30pm 7pm St. Mary’s
U16 Thursday 5:30pm 7pm St. Mary’s
U17 Thursday 5:30pm 7pm St. Mary’s
U18 Sunday 6pm 7:30pm The Jes

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