NuArk & The 3Point Challenge

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The NuArk 3Point Challenge:
At each of our homes games this season, one lucky fan will have the chance of winning €50 if they score a 3Pointer. The Nuark 3Point Challenge will take place between the 1st & 2nd quarter of every home game. The fan who’s ticket is drawn has one chance to hit a 3; do it and you go home €50 better off.

Entry is free; just make sure to get to the game at least 10 minutes prior to tip-off to get your ticket. The draw is done during the first time-out in the first quarter and the shot is taken between the 1st & 2nd quarter.

NuArk Ventures Ltd are Global Property & Construction Industry Specialists and provide a Single Contact Complete Solution.

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About NuArk Ventures:
NuArk Ventures Ltd. comprises an in-house team of highly qualified and experienced Property & Construction Industry Specialists who act as a ‘one-stop shop’ for all clients.

They provide a comprehensive range of services from pre-appointment stage right through to the optimum realisation of project potential.

NuArk have provided effective, economical and client-focused solutions to a broad range of client bodies in Ireland, UK, Europe and abroad including Banks & Financial Institutions, local authorities, law firms, receivers, accountancy firms, contractors, sub-contractors and insolvency practitioners.

Many thanks to NuArk for coming on board to support our SuperLeague team and for having such a novel and fun way of doing it. The 3Point Challenge has proven to be a fantastic success and a real fan favourite of every game. So far no-one has nailed the 3 but they’re getting closer and closer. Be sure you’re in early to get you ticket at every home game.

Our 1 Winner so Far:


Winner 1: Donogh with Morgan Darcy from NuArk

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