Blitzmas 2020 Update

For the last 50 years plus St Stephen’s Day in Moycullen means the annual Christmas Blitz and we were looking forward to another fantastic occasion this year.

However, like everything else this year nothing is as it was.

We, the club, realise that at this time we need a united effort to keep our community safe. So to that end, it has been decided by the club to defer the “Blitz” to a safer time!

This year, we feel the very nature of the Blitz, everyone getting together, would not be prudent or fair to our community.

Every St. Stephen’s Day, The Blitz has been played outside in Moycullen no matter what the weather or the conditions where a great time and plenty of craic was had by all. The fun & Christmas spirit has always been a staple of the occasion and it will be sorely missed this year.

We look forward to the playing of the Blitz when it is safer for everyone to do so……..

However, if people want to “mark” the day can we suggest making a donation to a local charity such as Cruinniu Maigh Cuilinn or any other deserving charity at this time.

Cruinniu Maigh Cuillin are running a fundraiser whereby you can do a challenge and donate to their Moy Cruinniu Charity Challenge. For example; make 20 free throws or 15 left hand lay-us if you’re right handed; whatever it is that you want.

Link to their iDonate page is here:

About Cruinniu:

Cruinniu Maigh Cuillin is a local charity set up in 2004 that offers support to local familes that are most in need at times of challenge. The support we give comes in many forms such as, groceries, home heating, back to school assitance and much more. Christmas is a particullarly challenging time for a lot of local families and most of our support is given during this time. We are solely reliant on the genoristy of the people of Moycullen and surrounds and 100% of the funds dontated go to local families & causes in need. Many thanks for your genourous support.

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