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Going into Week 9, which is the last week of the competition, we have 11 entries left. With so many still standing it’s a little different as this is the last week; each entry has to predict the result & the score from each of the 10 Premier League fixtures that are on today.

For each correct result 5 points is awarded and for each correct score a further 5 points.

This means there’s a possible 10 points for each game and a total of 100 points up for grabs.

Full fixtures for this week are:

Arsenal vs Watford
Burnley vs Brighton
Chelsea vs Wolves
Crystal Palace vs Spurs
Everton vs Bournemouth
Leicester vs Man Utd
Man City vs Norwich
Newcastle vs Liverpool
Southampton vs Sheffield Utd
West Ham vs Aston Villa

And the predictions are as follows:

James ConnaireNoel Cummins
Arsenal vs Watford2-12-1
Burnley vs Brighton1-02-1
Chelsea vs Wolves2-32-1
Crystal Palace vs Spurs1-31-2
Everton vs Bournemouth1-12-1
Leicester vs Man Utd0-22-1
Man City vs Norwich5-03-0
Newcastle vs Liverpool0-31-2
Southampton vs Sheffield Utd1-22-1
West Ham vs Aston Villa1-11-2
John CunninghamNiamh Hennessy
Arsenal vs Watford1-21-0
Burnley vs Brighton1-01-0
Chelsea vs Wolves2-01-0
Crystal Palace vs Spurs0-20-1
Everton vs Bournemouth1-21-1
Leicester vs Man Utd1-11-1
Man City vs Norwich5-12-0
Newcastle vs Liverpool1-31-2
Southampton vs Sheffield Utd0-01-1
West Ham vs Aston Villa0-21-1
Eoghan KellyRory Knight
Arsenal vs Watford1-32-1
Burnley vs Brighton2-02-0
Chelsea vs Wolves2-13-2
Crystal Palace vs Spurs0-21-4
Everton vs Bournemouth1-13-0
Leicester vs Man Utd2-11-2
Man City vs Norwich5-06-0
Newcastle vs Liverpool2-20-3
Southampton vs Sheffield Utd1-22-0
West Ham vs Aston Villa0-12-2
Joe LoughnaneFergal Monaghan
Arsenal vs Watford1-21-1
Burnley vs Brighton1-21-1
Chelsea vs Wolves1-21-1
Crystal Palace vs Spurs0-21-1
Everton vs Bournemouth0-11-1
Leicester vs Man Utd1-01-1
Man City vs Norwich5-11-1
Newcastle vs Liverpool0-21-1
Southampton vs Sheffield Utd0-01-1
West Ham vs Aston Villa1-11-1
Sean MorrisonMike Newell
Arsenal vs Watford2-12-0
Burnley vs Brighton1-02-1
Chelsea vs Wolves2-22-0
Crystal Palace vs Spurs0-11-2
Everton vs Bournemouth2-11-0
Leicester vs Man Utd2-11-2
Man City vs Norwich4-04-0
Newcastle vs Liverpool1-21-3
Southampton vs Sheffield Utd1-02-0
West Ham vs Aston Villa0-10-1
Eoghan Power
Arsenal vs Watford3-0
Burnley vs Brighton2-0
Chelsea vs Wolves3-3
Crystal Palace vs Spurs0-2
Everton vs Bournemouth3-1
Leicester vs Man Utd1-2
Man City vs Norwich7-0
Newcastle vs Liverpool0-3
Southampton vs Sheffield Utd2-2
West Ham vs Aston Villa3-0

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