LMS Week 10 Results

Week 10 of our Last Man Standing Competition saw 5 entries still standing. Of those 2 picked Bournemouth, 1 Everton, 1 Huddersfield & 1 Southampton.

Bournemouth had a good win against Swansea which saw 2 go through to Week 11. Huddersfield were unsurprisingly unable to beat Man City and it looked like we would have a 3rd entry going into Week 11 as Southampton had a 1-0 lead over Everton until the 7th minute of stoppage time, when Everton equalised.
Details  here: LMS Feb2018 Week 10-Results

All this means that we’re down to 2 entries as we enter the final week of the league. Fixtures for this week are as follows:
Burnley vs AFC Bournemouth
Huddersfield vs Arsenal
West Ham vs Everton
Southampton vs Man City
Liverpool vs Brighton
Tottenham vs Leicester
Man Utd vs Watford
Crystal Palace vs West Brom
Newcastle vs Chelsea
Swansea vs Stoke

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